Everything You’ll Need For Your Perfect Event

Simpli Events is built from the ground up to be intuitive to use, but we’ve made sure not to cut any corners on functionality. Find a collection of our favourite features below.

Our Suite Of Powerful AI Tools

Use Simpli AI as a tool to help you out on every step of the event hosting process.

Generate Event Descriptions

Generate Event Descriptions

Using your event info, pick a tone, add some extra context and instantly get beautiful event descriptions for any event

Create Social Media Captions

Create Social Media Captions

Looking to make posts about your event on Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok? Generate some sample captions and post ideas.

Email Your

Email Your Guests

Let the AI generate helpful emails for you to inform your attendees about changes or to get them hyped up about the event.

Free Ticket

Sell free tickets for your event. 0 costs for you or your guests.

Paid Ticket

Create paid tickets for your event and start charging on Simpli seamlessly.

Donation Ticket

Collect donations for your organization. We take no extra fees on donation tickets.


Advanced Ticket Customizability

Create unlimited ticket types, set their description, automatic close dates and more. If you’re looking to collect donations use our donation tickets to allow users to select their donation amount.

Customize Your Event With Our Advanced Editor


In-Depth Insights For Each Event

Use our insight tools to figure out your peal days, where your event is most popular, or just because you love seeing graphs.

Keep Track Of Your Attendees

Get instant updates on your event dashboard as tickets are bought. View the info on a formatted table. Edit as needed.

Bought At





profile pic
January 1st at 5pmJohn Doejohn.doe@example.comGeneral Admission$120.21
profile pic
February 2nd at 6pmJane Smithjane.smith@example.comFree$0.00
profile pic
March 3rd at 7pmBob Johnsonbob.johnson@example.comGeneral Admission$120.21
profile pic
April 4th at 8pmAlice Williamsalice.williams@example.comGeneral Admission$120.21
profile pic
May 5th at 9pmCharlie Browncharlie.brown@example.comGeneral Admission$120.21

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Built In QR Code Scanning

No need to download an app or buy expensive scanning machines. As long as your phone has a camera, scan in attendees directly through Simpli


Build Out Your Registration Questions

We give you full customizability on the questions you want to ask your guests when they buy your tickets.

John Profile

John | 3:14pm

Is anyone bringing pies to potluck?

Jane Profile

Jane | 3:14pm

Already covered !! Strawberry Pies 🍓

Bob Profile

Bob | 3:14pm

I’m allergic to strawberries :(


Event Chat

Use your built in event chat to communicate with your guests and allow them to talk to each other as well. Perfect to send reminders or answer quick questions


Custom URLS

Enhance your events identity by create custom URLs for each of your events

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